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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a regiment of soldiers about to land on the beaches of North Africa, D-day operation in Normandy, the American flag hoisted on top of a Pacific island, GIs cheered by jubilant Parisians, the haggard looks of deportees in the death camps, the atomic bombs over Japan... Everyone of us has been infused by these iconic images of the Second World War.


However, if these moments are known by all, their authors have been long overlooked.

Photographers or cameramen have captured the war at a scale never seen before. From the inside, under the blaze of battle, they witnessed the atrocities of war, shared the life of the soldiers and transmitted thousands of hours of rushes, rarely with sound or in colors, and still pictures, sometimes as fast as 24H after shooting. A military issue but also a duty to collect testimonies to be used as proof in the Nazis and Japanese trials to come. Some were renowned directors, as John Ford, Darryl Zanuck or George Stevens, others were simple random operators, as Jack Lieb and Walter Rosenblum, but they all committed to serve in this particular way,  and those who came back were never the same.


After 20 years of investigation, a French expert succeeded in discovering new images which testify to their work and their courage and explored thousands of pages of reports explaining their journey, from their training, through their logistics, the exploitation of their images, taken on the battlefields. This is the story of these forgotten heroes that we will tell you.


Which organization recruited and trained them? What type of equipments did they use? What were the first films produced? With what units did they land on the beaches of the Pacific North Africa and Normandy, and what were their links with the soldiers? How did they capture these images and send them to the rest of the world, "live" from the battlefield and key moments of the conflict? How were these images used by the US army or by the British and American secret services, by the allied press and newsreels, after passing censorship? What happens when you film the liberation of the extermination camps? Let’s discover those forgotten heroes of the World War II.


Réalisation : Guilain Depardieu 

Scénario & commentaires :

Thibaut Martin, Dominique Forget

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Durée : 90 min

Année de production : 2020 

1ère diffusion : RMC Découverte